Ismini Samanidou Ismini Samanidou


Lace fragment and lace piece

Lace fragments designed by my great grandfather Dionysis Bahomis in the beginning of the 20th Century. This collection of lace fragments inspired a large textile piece developed for Texmedin Design Challenge, a European funded Mediterranean project exploring the relationship between tradition and innovation.

The textile was woven in Athens at Microjeans Mill. The textile piece won the first prize for the competition and has been exhibited in the textile museums in Lyon France, Prato Italy, Terrasa Spain and in Athens Greece,

Drawings and Weavings

A collaborative project with a bamboo reed making community in Bangladesh and designer Gary Allson. A range of drawings and textile pieces are developed combining traditional making and digital technologies. The textiles are handwoven. The drawings are made on a CNC routing machine and are unique inspite of the digital process.
2010 ongoing
Developing bamboo reeds
Silk Route Project

British Council residency in Bangladesh. A nine week teaching and research in university and industry environments about weave and design. Read more on the blog


Large Scale textile installation commissioned for the Jerwood Contemporary Makers Exhibition. The piece explores scale and the transformative nature of textiles within an architectural space. Supported by Grants for the Arts and woven at the Oriole Mill in North Carolina

2009 dimensions w:300cm l:1600cm

Collaborative works with ceramicist Sharon Blakey as part of the interdisciplicanry Pairings project. Working in response to a hidden collection of spoons shut in a drawer for more than 50 years, part of the Mary Greg Collection of Bygone Times at Manchester Art Gallery.

The work was most recently shown at the Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery in London 2009-2011

Textile pieces woven for the Stroudwater International Textile Festival. Referencing the importance of water for the textile industry in Stroud the pieces are woven to emulate the effect of water, transparency, fluidity and reflection.

2008 dimensions w:45cm l: 200cm

Site specific textile wallhanging inspired by an 18C wallpaper from Godolphin House, Cornwall.

2008 dimensions w:90cm l:180cm
Woven wood

Made in collaboration with designer Gary Allson, the work explores the relationship between surface and materials. Supported by Scotweave.

2008 ongoing.

Textiles inspired by aerial photographs of the flight over Siberia. The textiles create a space and encourage the viewer to experience the fabric from very close, recreating the effect of looking over the frozen planes of Siberia from 35,000 feet.

2007 dimensions: w:90cm, l: 300cm

In the Japanese tradition of visiting scenic areas where maple tree leaves have turned red in the autumn, this textile piece was made in response to visiting the maple tree gardens in Kyoto.

2007 dimensions w:90cm, l:180cm
Missed for Mr Wilmot

Commissioned for Histories at Godolphin House, a Crafts Council exhibition during the Hidden Art Cornwall Design Fair 2007. Collaborative project with traditional upholsterer Richard Hooper. Daybed designed by Michael Marriot for SCP.

Commissioned for Histories at Godolphin House, a Crafts Council exhibition during the Hidden Art Cornwall Design Fair 2007. Collaborative project with traditional upholsterer Richard Hooper.

Two textile pieces commissioned for the Hidden Art Cornwall Design Fair 2006. The patterns draw on observations of a 300 year old Wisteria plant outside the cellar where the work was exhibited.

2006 dimensions w:90cm, l:180cm

Site specific panels commissioned for the Norman Foster building for law firm Allen & Overy. The designs draw on observations of the flora on the office roof terrace.

Worshipful Company of Weavers Commission

Textile wall hanging commissioned by the Worshipful Company of Weavers and now part of the Victoria and Albert Museum permanent textile collection.

2004 dimensions w:90cm l:165cm
Ismini Textile

Textile design licensed to George Spencer Designs. The fabric is woven in England and is available from their London showroom as a furnishing fabric and a 3m panel.

2004 dimensions w:118cm
Indigo, Map, Stripe

A collection of hand woven textile pieces inspired by peeling walls from Antigua, Guatemala.

2003 dimensions w:40cm l: 180cm
The Revenge of Arachni

Installation in the form of a web made of silk thread set in a disused enamel factory on the island of Kea, Greece. Referencing the Greek myth of Arachni which tells the story of the maiden extremely talented in the art of weaving, who was condemned when challenging the goddess Athena in this art.

Athena having herself invented weaving was furious and transformed Arachni into a spider. A curse was put on her to be weaving beautiful webs forever, which would always be destroyed. The installation was created to reverse the curse and form a continuously growing web within an abandoned half destroyed building.

Greece 2003